Doctor Neem Extract 1 Litre


  1. Doctor Neem extract contains active ingredients of neem tree which is beneficial to plants, human & animals.
  2. It is water-soluble and easy to use in spray & drip for garden and agriculture.
  3. Controls negative odour in toilet and bathroom, good cleaner for the floor, excellent for cattle bath.
  4. Completely safe for predators, earthworm, honeybee, birds, cattle, human beings and also harm free for the ecosystem and environment.
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Water Soluble for Spray and drip for Garden & Ornamental Plants, Repellent & Growth Promoter

Doctor neem extract is made from plant parts of the neem tree, which protects against pest including insect, nematodes, fungi & viruses.


1) 5 ml/ Litre for good plant health & drip in the soil for good soil health

Duration of the spray:

For best results and good plant health spray at 10 days of regular interval, spray at 7 days of the interval when under the attack of pest.

2) Floor cleaner: 5 ml or 1 teaspoon per 10 litres (for the toilet and bathroom cleaner)

3) Neem liquid soap: 1 ml /10-litre water (for bathing purpose)

4) Animal bath: 100ml/15 litre of waterย  (cattle and dog)


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